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Default To boss: ATTENTION

English is not my native language, sorry for my bad english but you will understand what I mean with that poor english.

so, s2 games replied positive. what is next ? lets start with facebook. please just re organize facebook page. make more weekly and monthly events in that page and delete this boring content. put some funny stuff. also make players like that page, give some prizez when people like your facebook page. awards can be given with lottery.

create a twitter acc. in twitter you will track same way. organize daily or weekly events, some funny things must uploaded, important informations and your facebook page must be shown. and give gifts, awards, prizes to people who follow your twitter acc and reblog some. lottery system could useful again. always be keep in touch with players, talk to them with tweets. you need to show how you care about customers.

you need one more social media tool to create enough awareness in digital media, you choose, there are millions of social media tools. actually you wont choose, your employee will do it for you. dont try to do it yourself because you dont know about anthropology and sociology, but your employee do.

what employee ? you need digital media expert, public relation and advertising guys to improve your brand. yes, digital media experts, public relation and advertising experts are already studied lots of boring sociology and anthropology classes. effective and easiest way to reach it; use university student like me, we love that kind of experiences and we have fresh knowledge. university stundents have power to change world dont forget.

do you know what public relation and advertising university stundents guys do ? they gonna position your brand, reach the target audience, they will make analysis about your strongness, weakness, opportunities and treats. they will detect what is the problem and come to you with strategy and tactics to solve your all problems.

so what is your objective ? have you determine your target group ? how many research have you done about that target group interests ? do you know what they want or what they expect ?

proposition and reason why is important. you need to answer this, Why should I play this game ? because it is fun never will work !!!! you need to make better because you need to prove yourself to people who has never play this game before, make promises, give creative better reasons. so what is your promise to players ?? quality ? high support and updates ? do you know that people need to feel closer to brand ? what do you do about improve your brand image ? you need this analysis and researchs. hire 3 university studens for public relations, advertising and digital media.

the advertising guy will handle about advertisements in facebook twitter and other tools. create awareness is extremely important. but that ads guy need to know your analysis results, research results, your objective and propositions and reason whys. thats why public relations and advertising guy must work together.

they will position your brand, understand target group interest and needs and answer them perfectly, they say you what to do. ask public relations guy for starting a campaign. it is what you need. let the world know about this game !

do you want to see 10.000 online players ? you have golden goose in your hands.
determine your objectives
make plan for how to reach objectives
organize tactics for how to realize your plans
make analysis and see results.
determine problem and focus problem solving.
university students can handle about all I think. because I can. probably they can too. I dont know other country universities but in my university, I have class about google new york offices public relations and advertising department. with that knowledge, a person can work for google. you can find some students its not difficult just go a university, go information dest, and ask where is the office of Faculty of Communication. you will face with a professor, ask him for 2 students. or you can find that students yourself at smoking area in university.

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KillerKitten (05-16-2014)
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I find this quite helpful.

Stony, you're needed to read.
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Aycan (05-16-2014)
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Yeah... you don't sound shady at all.

Social media is a load of horse shit, especially if you want to promote a niche title like Savage 2. Social media works for mainstream games, but that's about as far as it goes, word of mouth doesn't work if you have a tiny playerbase.

The places that will give Savage 2 players are the platforms already being explored - Steam free to play and other indie development centered platforms, there are a lot of people out there who don't like the mainstream games in genres that are already being exhausted. Savage 2's selling point is exactly that it is a hybrid genre game and as such can both appeal to a lot of players and a niche group at the same time.
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coolnesss (05-16-2014)
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Sounds cool and market'y and all, but, sav2 community is volunteers basically and our daily bread isn't dependent on this. Furthermore, we've made sure that marketing is not our weakest point, player retention is.

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Originally Posted by Taawus View Post
Furthermore, we've made sure that marketing is not our weakest point, player retention is.
I dont want to step on your toes here but i think player retention is a problem for every game (maybe even more so for free ones as people will blindly try it without thinking much about it before they see it). In my opinion dedicated long term players are the exception rather than the rule so even over a more or less short time span (lets say a couple of months) you will probably see 9 out 10 new people quit for any given game and the longer the timespan the more near you will get to 100% quitters. No i do not have any real empirical evidence to back that up, sorry, but i think its worth a thought.
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Aycan (05-18-2014)
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First of all I want to thank you for your time to write all this.

I read all of it and sadly have to say that we are (I am) in no position to do this kind of stuff. Students will not do this stuff for free and I am in no position to pay them from S2 Games' money

IF S2 Games wants to help - they will have to initiate this research program. We can't do that on our own.

I try to make the twitter/facebook/blogger account as "alive" as possible - but it is hard to do that beside a normal dayjob, private live and marriage

I would use the shit out of all the media possibilites when I could stay at home, be paid from S2games the money I get at them moment and could work on Savage2 related stuff all day long.

I would immediately say "HELL YEAH" to a job offer from S2.

Other than that there is not much we can do more related to marketing. I update Facebook as much as I can, I started the monthly events (Horde vs Legion2 has just been started).

I dont know what else we/I could do that we did not yet touch.

Donations are still welcome - please go to www.PlaySavage2.com and click on the "Donate" button. TY

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