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Nothing spectacular, move along folks.

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I dont even know him.
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what do i get???
some prize???
btw lorbi, ich wusst ganet des du so krass abgehst... :O gut klar, aber SOO gut... runen machn wohl doch n unterschied...?
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Woahhhh Lorbri^^
Trotzdem schade das du gehst ;(

He left SoN or rather he's going to leave SoN :/
Buhaaaahuhuuuuuu ;(
"Ich habe einen Panzerwagen in meiner Lederhose" is about enough I need to know to impress.

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that video.
blew my mind.
i want to be taught. that gave me chills. YOU FUCKING RIPPED THROUGH THEM\

... i dont know who you are

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Thanks for all the positive feedback on my vid. I enjoyed making it.

Originally Posted by cabecudo View Post
he always called me runewhore
I've never called anyone runewhore! ^^ lol

Originally Posted by NmeGod View Post
no idea who you are but you should have added my name on guesses
I'm sorry ^^ Adding all the guesses would have made it two minutes longer x/ :P

Originally Posted by chrissi12321 View Post
runen machn wohl doch n unterschied...?
I've experienced that runes are helpful, but don't make a huuuge difference. The high SF is rather based on advanced groupfighting and using your brains in game (not the standard "I see enemy man, I go kill!")
And further, I still know many with lower SF who own me in 1 v 1

Originally Posted by Taawus View Post
Nothing spectacular, move along folks.
What the heck is this ... ALL GLORY TO HYPNOTOAD!

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Originally Posted by Just2HaveFun View Post

I've never called anyone runewhore! ^^ lol


Oh well sorry then , Most of SoNs nembers calles me runewhore xD

btw nice video.
Originally Posted by Dewey View Post
Another six hours of Xigbar yelling about mortgage rates, car payments, global warming, and whatever other random sh*t Xiggy likes to yell about...

Originally Posted by S2stony View Post
I dont know what the fuck you are talking about xigbar.
No one does :(
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Haha didin't think it was you. Your skills have improved quite alot i would say.
He's not a new player think he have played for over a year, but I don't know what counts as "new"
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Thanks Bird!

I've actually started in February 2010 but made a few breaks, so I've played around 9-10 months.
Though at the moment I'm busy with battleforge (yay!) I enjoy many duels, these mainly increased my skill ^^ Unfortunately there are many whose fighting technique I have troubles with :( (Nilsic for example.. - one day I'll get you Nilsic!)
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