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Introduce Yourself New to Savage 2? Stop in and say hi!

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Smile New/old to the game.

I had been playing this game since December last year and I quite like the game.

I have actually tried to 'advertise' more like promote more of my 'friends' to play the game but many of them (here in Western Australia, Perth) think that it's a dull game, even after showing them the graphics and all that jazz (excluding the multiplayer content). Unfortunately, I'm still in highschool (Yr9.... don't pedo on me) and the school's internet doesn't allow me to play internationally . Many of them are not interested, one of them says that the name of the game sounds ULTRA LAME and sounds UNINTERESTING. (Just called him gay)

(I've only been able to seduce one of my male friends to play and test the game out, he's a bit retarded but who cares, more players )

I hope to see more players to play the game. (My First thread)

P.S. ravinb is annoying.
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Yes, yes he is.
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Rdela (08-20-2012)
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Don't worry, he won't be the only retarded player out there.. ;-)
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Welcome back.
Originally Posted by S2Maliken View Post
I can live with delays, I can live with some disgruntled "fans" but I can't live with a shitty product that doesn't deserve to be called a game, let alone something I'm going to stake my company or reputation on.

Savage 2 is VERY fun and even as it sits now, fairly polished. By release, she'll be clean as a whistle and success shall be ours!
Originally Posted by Karmashock View Post
you're right
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Edited from tit begging.
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Rellikan (08-21-2012)
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Welcome back Relikan
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